How to get a tattoo that hurts less

July 22, 2020

How to get a tattoo that hurts less

The process of compiling ideas for your first ink is definitely exciting, but to actually bring yourself to get tattooed is an entirely different story. Because let’s be honest, sticking a needle on your skin can hurt like hell! Hence, why a lot of people give up on the idea altogether. 

Some may consider getting a tattoo as a rite of passage to adulthood, while most do it for the sake of the art. Well, no matter the reason, getting yourself inked is a process that you might soon regret if you are not ready for the discomfort that awaits you.

Nevertheless, things have changed and people are now settling to use tattoo numbing creams to make the process more tolerable. And while there are plenty of brands available in the market, one effective product to opt for is Ink Scribd’s Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream.

Like the term suggests, numbing creams contain topical anesthetics that act as deadeners for the areas on the body where you apply it. It is commonly used for procedures such as laser hair removals, piercings, and of course, for getting tattoos.

Ink Scribd’s Numbing Cream, in particular, contains 5% Lidocaine–a well-known topical anesthetic, and unlike other numbing creams in the market, this cream makes the numbing sensation last up to 2 hours, providing guaranteed less pain for your procedure. More than that, it is also infused with Vitamin E–an essential moisturizing component that will be helpful specially to speed up your skin’s healing process.

So, if you are still hesitating to push through with getting that tattoo, well, Ink Scribd’s Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream is here to put your worries to rest and give an experience that will be as painless as possible.