Tattoo Numbing Cream - Complete Guide on how to use it and why is it good

December 27, 2023

Tattoo Numbing Cream - Complete Guide on how to use it and why is it good

Tattoos are genuine works of art. They allow you to express yourself and tell a story about you or those around you. The life story of a person can frequently be learned from a tattoo. Some people decide to get tattoos because they require a method to memorialize emotionally intense events in their lives. Other tattoo enthusiasts adore them as a display of artistry and color, and some people get them simply because they think they look cool.

All of these individuals have one thing in common: the lengthy process required to obtain a life-changing tattoo. Each of them will go through a painful procedure that requires hours of patience, as well as a follow-up care procedure to keep the tattoo looking great for as many years as possible. However, one of the things that makes tattoo memories is pain. Others who have a low pain tolerance for prolonged discomfort refuse to get a tattoo, while some people can tolerate the pain.

For this reason, we'd like to discuss one of the most reputable, non-harmful, and safest methods for easing tattoo machine pain today. Today, we'll talk about tattoo numbing cream, including its benefits and mechanism of action. We'll also address the question: Can numbing cream ruin a tattoo?

What is Tattoo Numbing Cream?

It is advised to use tattoo numbing cream to lessen the discomfort experienced during tattoo carving. Some tattoo artists use this type of cream, while others will only use it if the client requests it. The reason this cream was created is quite obvious, but it's important to know how safe this product is, how it should be used, and can numbing cream really ruin a tattoo?

Tattoo numbing cream functions as an anesthetic, which should come as no surprise given that lidocaine is the primary ingredient in the majority of products in this category. After applying it to the skin, the person feels a numbing sensation and the pain disappears. The result lasts long enough for the tattoo artist to work or for the client's daily activities to be unaffected by the pain after the tattoo is finished.

How to apply Numbing cream for tattoos

There are two situations in which a person would actually need to use tattoo numbing cream. Such a cream is necessary both during tattoo carving and after it is finished and the skin begins to feel it. You may need to know how to apply the cream depending on the circumstances, as well as how to interact with the tattoo artist because he might have different views on such products.


If you apply tattoo numbing cream before carving - Before the artist begins the creative process, it is crucial to go over the application of the tattoo numbing cream with them. The feeling of applying the ink changes because the skin is numb. Other products, like antiseptic sprays, are preferred by some artists.

If you apply tattoo numbing cream after carving

There is a simple, step-by-step procedure you should adhere to if you want to apply numbing cream to tattoos effectively and safely. To ensure that you completely eliminate the discomfort and take excellent care of your freshly inked body art, we have prepared a very straightforward guide for you to follow.

  1. Make sure you clean the skin surface before you apply tattoo numbing cream. Use soap and water and be gentle when you dry the skin. Use paper towels or air blow. It is always recommended to keep the tattoo surface clean so the numbing cream can be better absorbed.
  2. Do not use your fingers, because they will also get numb. Use some waterproof gloves.
  3. Apply the tattoo numbing cream following the exact instructions given by the manufacturer
  4. Follow the guidance given by your tattoo artist
  5. If you apply the tattoo numbing cream before tattoo carving, make sure you rinse it before the process starts.

A Tattoo Numbing Cream developed especially for tattoos

Now is the time to discuss innovation and the best products to use when getting a tattoo. Currently, numbing creams come in a wide variety and can be bought with or without a prescription. However, only a small percentage of them were developed especially for tattoos.

Our tattoo numbing cream has an enhanced formula that provides more benefits. With a percentage of 5% Lidocaine, the tattoo numbing cream from Inkcribd contains quinine and ingredients that help heal the tattoo, moisturize, and protect.

  • Our numbing cream for tattoos contains 5% Lidocaine
  • We added Vitamin E to the formula - For a better skin moisturizing
  • Vitamin E is also good for skin repair and faster healing
  • The numbing effect lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Fast absorption - Full effect after 15 minutes
  • You will get your money back if the tattoo numbing cream does not work for you

Can numbing cream ruin a tattoo?

Can numbing cream ruin a tattoo? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

The quick answer to this question is NO. But if you want complete safety and a tattoo that is risk-free, you must adhere to a few crucial rules. 

  • Always follow the instructions for use
  • Listen to your artist's advice
  • Do not use numbing cream for tattoos without telling your artist
  • Avoid tattoo numbing creams with glycerin content
  • Use a premium product like ours

Enjoy a beautiful tattoo experience with no pain

If you want to make sure that you enjoy a memorable tattoo experience with no pain, we will drop a link to our tattoo numbing cream packages. Happy tattooing!

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