Ink Scribd Temporary Tattoo Markers - Premium Tattoo Pens For Skin - Assorted Colored Body Markers - Tattoo Starter Kit Supply With Stencil - Skin Safe - Pack of 10…

  • Create And Inspire - Ink Scribd's temporary tattoo markers transform your skin into a vibrant canvas. These 10-piece body markers ensure your art stays bold and expressive, perfect for a night out or a personal masterpiece. Experience the joy of seeing your designs come to life with striking clarity.
  • Artistic Freedom In Every Pen - Our tattoo pen kit features dual-tip design, giving you the flexibility to create both bold outlines and intricate details. Perfect for spontaneous expression or planned designs, these versatile pens are your allies in crafting temporary tattoos that capture your imagination.
  • A Kit Full Of Surprises - Explore new styles with 20 unique tattoo stencils included in our temporary tattoo kit. These tools are your gateway to creative exploration, empowering you to experiment and express yourself with ease and confidence.
  • Skin-safe, Worry-free - Experience the best of both worlds with our tattoo pens: the ink is not only non-toxic and gentle on your skin, but also water-resistant. We take pride in using safe ingredients for our temporary tattoo markers, ensuring that each beautiful mark is as harmless as it is enduring.
  • Ink Scribd’s Commitment To Satisfaction - Our dedication to your happiness extends beyond just quality products. If our temporary tattoo markers don’t meet your expectations within 365 days, we are committed to making it right. Your artistic journey and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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