Tattoo Numbing Spray - Premium Topical Anesthetic Pain Relief Spray

  • NUMB IT UP: This 5% lidocaine numb spray can make the process a whole lot less painful. Rushing relief in just 5-15 minutes which lasts up to an hour, this topical anesthetic can spare you from a painful ordeal.
  • DITCH THE ITCH: You can also use this pain relief spray to treat common skin conditions that cause pain, itching or discomfort such as minor burns, insect bites, eczema, scratches and even hemorrhoids.
  • QUICK RELIEF: At Ink Scribd, we know that when you really need relief, you don’t want to wait half an hour for it to take effect. That’s why we created our formula to start working in as little as five minutes. Within 15 minutes, this tattoo numbing spray will have reached peak effectiveness at both numbing and soothing pain or itchiness.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: With 5% lidocaine, we made our numb spray as strong as we could without requiring a prescription. The result is blissful though temporary relief from conditions that would otherwise cause discomfort on the surface of your skin.
  • SOOTHING SATISFACTION: If you’re not happy with the effectiveness of Ink Scribd numbing spray, just let us know and we’ll make it right. There’s no need to suffer from the pain resulting from that piercing, waxing, tattoo, or other skin condition; click Buy Now and say aaaaah with the quick numbing action of maximum strength pain relief spray from Ink Scribd!

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