Tattoo Healing Process - A complete guide on how to take care of your new tattoo

November 04, 2022

Tattoo Healing Process - A complete guide on how to take care of your new tattoo

In previous articles, we discussed which products are the best to use to ensure that your tattoo heals properly, at the proper rate, and with as much radiance and detail as possible. The tattoo healing process is not something you must rush, but you can definitely help your skin recover by using the best tattoo balm or taking good care of the area that was carved.

What you should do before the tattoo session

This is a guide on how to achieve the best tattoo healing process possible by using quality products like our Premium Aftercare Ointment Balm, but you need to understand that everything you put on your skin before the session can affect the outcome. If you are using any skin products, numbing creams, or any other medical ointments, do not forget to tell your tattoo artist about it.

Any product that you apply to your skin can affect the carving process, and with that in mind, we created a complete guide on how you can use our numbing cream correctly. We invite you to read it before you make an appointment. Now let's get to the whole process of taking care of a fresh tattoo.

The stages of the Tattoo Healing process - Tattoo Care Day 1

After you leave the tattoo studio, your skin begins a healing process, which can last up to four seasons. I'll tell you a little bit about each of these stages to ensure that you understand how to manage the situation while also taking proper care of your tattoo. All stages of the healing process are completely natural and extremely important for the healing of the skin.

A red fresh wound

    At this point, your tattoo's surface is a fresh wound and will behave as such. You will receive a bandage from your artist, and depending on his instructions, this bandage will be worn for several hours or even days. Tattooed skin secretions can contain ink, which is completely normal.

    It will start to get itchy

      For the first 10 to 14 days, your tattoo will continue to act like a fresh wound, and the tattoo healing process might provoke some itching. This is not uncommon, but you should resist, and not jump or scratch the tattoo surface. Try to apply some ointments or a tattoo aftercare balm to reduce the uncomfortable sensations.

      The skin will start to peel

        Starting from the second week, or even the third or fourth, the skin will start to peel, which is nothing more than a natural response to the tattoo healing process. In this stage, you should keep following the instructions that your artist gave you, and keep using an ink tattoo balm to protect, hydrate, and heal your tattoo.

        Keep caring for your tattoo in the first 6 months

          After the first 4-5 weeks, the tattoo will be mostly healed, and look very bright, and you will be very pleased with the outcome, but you must continue to care for it in the following months. The more you do it, the longer your tattoo will look pristine.

          Tattoo healing process Tips and Tricks

          If you are using a premium tattoo aftercare healing balm ointment, you are already doing the best thing for your tattoo. But until we discuss what advantages a premium tattoo aftercare healing balm ointment provides, here are a few tips and tricks to help you provide your tattoo with the best possible treatment.

          • Be gentle while cleaning your skin
          • We will say it again because it is important. Do not scratch your tattoo
          • It is ok to wash it with cold water, but try to avoid jacuzzis, saunas, and hot water
          • Use your balm ointment daily
          • Depending on the area, try to wear more loose clothes
          • Try to hide your tattoo from the sun

          In terms of taking care of a tattoo, it is very important for you to help your skin heal and not force it with chemicals or products that might cause allergies, skin damage, or any other symptoms. With that in mind, we recommend that you use only natural premium products. 

          And what better tattoo aftercare balm ointment if not ours? These are the benefits of using our product, thanks to its natural ingredients and proven healing effects for freshly carved tattoos.

          Tattoo care day by day Balm Ointment - BENEFITS

          If you want to know how your tattoo will look in the coming years, and if you want it to heal properly and last as long as possible, you should use natural products. Our Inkscribd Premium Aftercare Balm Ointment is definitely what you are looking for.

          1. The Ointment will help you reduce the itching sensation securing the safety of your skin
          2. It helps your skin with the healing process
          3. Enhances the look of your ink. Even if the tattoo is not brand new, the ointment will make it shine
          4. It has 100% natural ingredients, with no chemicals added or preservatives
          5. 365 days to return if you do not see the results you expect.

          Do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself with a good product that will guarantee the success of your new tattoo. Our ointment is recommended for finger tattoo care, hand tattoo care, foot tattoo healing, thigh tattoo aftercare, and ankle tattoo aftercare, but not only.

          Maintain constant contact with your artist the day after tattoo

          If you have already completed your sessions and your first tattoo is ready, or if you are about to enter the studio for the first time, it is likely that you do not have much experience. As a result, you must communicate with your tattoo artist at all times, especially when taking care of a new tattoo.

          He understands very well what the process of healing a tattoo is and how he can direct products and methods for instilling tattoos in you, and he is the first thing that should be addressed when things get out of hand. 

          Your artist will recommend pain relievers and numbing creams, as well as assist you with bandages that must be applied within the first few hours of the tattoo session.

          Tattoo Healing Process - Conclusion

          Do you feel prepared to begin your carving session? Don't forget to support your favorite artists, and avoid using products you don't fully understand in an exaggerated manner.