How to take care of a new tattoo: aftercare tips you should know

July 09, 2020

How to take care of a new tattoo: aftercare tips you should know

Getting a tattoo is probably considered to be one of the vital choices we encounter at one point in life. Should I go through with it? What will my parents think about it? Am I really ready to commit to this? Yeah, you’ve probably gone over these questions over and over in your head, I mean, you’re just about to taint your body with a piece of art that entirely represents yourself–a mark that will be with you as you grow and experience life.


But more than a piece of self-expression, having your skin tattooed is also a medical procedure in which the artist sinks in a needle to draw on your skin. This means that your flesh actually opens up in the process, making it exposed to bacteria which may cause infections; it’s basically an open wound! And as scary as that sounds, your tattoo actually needs a little more attention and some TLC (tender loving care) after you get it done.


When and how exactly do you take care of that freshly tattooed skin? Well, aftercare actually starts right after you get inked–when the tattoo artist applies an ointment on your tattoo then wraps it tightly with bandage. It doesn’t end there though. A tattoo usually takes a few weeks to heal on the surface (the inner layers of the skin might take months to fully heal), so, you must continue the aftercare even at home.

Since it’s basically a healing wound, the first thing to take note of is to stick to taking showers and avoid soaking your tattooed skin too much in water for about a month. As much as possible, use mild soap for washing your skin. Taking long baths is obviously out of the question–stagnant water might contaminate the wound which could result in an infection–so you can just save your bath bombs for later. You can also temporarily avoid strenuous activities, like working out, to limit your sweating which may cause irritations on your inked skin.

But more importantly, MOISTURIZE! it is crucial to constantly moisturize your skin in order to prevent scarring and to make sure your tattoo doesn’t get messed up.

Luckily, Ink Scribd’s Tattoo Balm provides all that and more. This ointment contains natural healing ingredients that could help ease swelling, prevent infection, and speed up your skin’s recovery while also giving the moisture it needs.